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8th International Congress

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8th International Congress     25 Feb 2020

Intercontinental City Stars , Cairo – Egypt

This year we have been honored by hosting the Arthroscopic Association of North America AANA as a friend nation. Along the Egyptian faculty, eminent guest speakers from 8 other countries will contribute to the scientific program.

This year the scientific program will include sessions on soft tissue reconstruction and arthroscopic techniques of the knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow.

What is new this year is a dedicated session on knee arthritis as well as workshops on uni-compartment knee and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. keynote lectures and case scenarios for interactive discussion will also be available during the three days of the conference.

Guest Speakers

Michael simony
Charles A. Bush Joseph ( USA )
Alessandro castgana
Robert E.Huntert (USA )
Hajo therman
Burce Reider ( USA )
Pantelis Nikolaou ( Greece )
Rene Verdonk
Christoph becher
Enrico Gervasi ( Italy )
Neli jain ( UK )
Pietro Tonino ( USA )
Jamie Arbuthnot ( ingland )
Francesco Allegra ( Italy )
Eduardo Monaco
Gernot Felmet ( Germany )
Giorgio Zappala ( Italy )
Vincenzo condello
Filippo Familiari ( Italy )
Fazal Ali ( UK )
Pierfrancesco Bettinsoil


Abdelrahman Elganiny - El Mansoura University
Adel Hamed - Al Azhar University
Ahmed Abdelaziz - Cairo University
Ahmed Hany - Ain Shams University
Ahmed Saeed - Ain Shams University
Ahmed Waly - Alexandria University
Amr Ahmed - Ain Shams University
Amr Rashwan - Cairo University
Ayman Ebid - El Monofya University
Mohamed Abo El nour - El Mansoura University
Mohamed Gamal Morsy - Alexandria University
Roshdy Elsallab - El Mansoura University
Adham Elsharkawy - El Mansoura University
Faisal Zayed - Al Azhar University
Safwat Shalaby - Zagazig University
Ezzat Kamel - Ain Shams University
Faisal Elsherif - Al Azhar University
Hatem Glal - Assiut University
Hesham Elkady - Assiut University
Hossam Elshafei - Alexandria University
Hossam Nagy - Tanta University
Khaled Shohayeb - Cairo University
Maher ElAssal - Assiut University
Mohamed Abdelhamid - Assiut University
Mohamed Sobhy - Ain Shams University
Moheb Fadl - Tanta University
Nasef Mohamed Nasef - Beni suif University
Hany Elkelsh - Zagazig University
Hazem Farouk - Cairo University
Waleed reda - Cairo University