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Egyptian Arthroscopy Association - Become A Member

Become A Member

To be a member:

Active members should fulfill the following criteria:

  • 1-A postgraduate degree in orthopaedic surgery.
  • 2- Specialized training or interested in the field of arthroscopic surgery .
  • 3- Recommendation by two active members.
  • 4-Paying the annual subscription fees. Rights of active members: They have the right to vote in the general assembly of the EGAA and to be elected as a board member.

Affiliated members:

  • 1-Primary qualification in medicine or one of the allied health fields (physiotherapy and science).
  • 2-Paying the annual subscription fees.
  • 3-Recommendation by two active members.

Rights of affiliated members:

Affiliated members have the right to benefit from all scientific activities of the EGAA but they do not have the right to vote or apply for the board membership.